Track: a Zuffellato software

Zuffellato operates in IT from 1975. Thanks to its know-how, it  specializes in creating customized  and integrated software solutions .

We are an Italian SME that develops and markets IT solutions for tracking and re-tracking for the companies operating in the field of  food manufacturing and processing .

We research, design and develop software and applications that provide a high level of automation in business processes.

Our products are customized according to customer needs and adapt perfectly to the practices already adopted by companies.

Our software stands out for its extraordinary integrity, high performance, simplicity and usability.

With over 40 years of experience, Zuffellato is a highly qualified and reliable technological partner.

“Along with the customer, we seek, design and develop solutions that can adapt to the operating methodologies of companies helping them grow on the market.”

Enrico Zuffellato, CEO Zuffellato


Simplifying  the way to approach to the food industry :
• helping our clients to focus on their business without worrying about having to manage complex IT systems
• enabling our partners to conquer a new market through a dynamic and flexible solution: TRACK


Zuffellato Engineering projects concern many sectors of the food industry with a common denominator:

ensuring operational methodology that ensures competence and professionalism for a full customer service.

  • Relief and understanding of needs

  • Analysis of production phases.

  • Definition of operation areas

  • Design and integration.

  • Training, maintenance and support.


Continued attention to innovation and experimentation is an integral part of Zuffellato’s activity, thanks to continuous collaboration with the world of university research and participation in international projects in ICT.

The current interest is focused on optimizing process efficiency and product quality certification in order to make proper IT solutions even safer and more reliable.

European Commission-Horizon 2020
European Union funding for Research and Innovation

Zuffellato Computers’ consolidated experience in food tracking, together with our customers’ feedback, has enabled us to identify a new market demand: the food industry does not have an integrated system that guarantees full tracking throughout the production chain. End customers, moreover, being highly affected by food intolerance and alliances are increasingly aware of the origin and composition of products.
In this context, Zuffellato Computers, is working to develop an integrated solution that can both meet the needs of industry and end consumers at the same time. This new technology solution, including the use of rfID technology for product tracking and temperature monitoring, will provide you with the ability to deliver real-time full tracking across the entire chain at cost-effective and efficient rates.The big data platform will contain all the information on both logistics, temperature monitoring and product tracking, with real-time interrogation by all stakeholders.



The project aims at the internationalization of Track food tracing software, through a structured route from an export plan to two foreign countries: Poland and Serbia.
Main objectives of the project:

  • Strengthen the organizational and managerial skills of the company in order to face international markets;
  • Developing a foreign market approach strategy, starting with a Country System analysis, identifying its target customers and the main needs;
  • Covering a network of commercial relations and signing agreements with foreign IT partners (mainly VAr) and agro-food sector associations;

POR-FESR 2014-2020 – Axis 3 Competitiveness and attractiveness of the production system – Action 3.4.1.