Environment: Windows
Devices: PC, Visual Basic .NET, SQL Serv

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The suite Track suits your way of working that integrate with your ERP software.

By working with customers and from the experience of over 20 years of activity three vertical software solutions can meet all the needs of food production and processing.


  • Recipe management.

  • Calculation and production needs.

  • Planning and production.

  • Processing.

  • Quality and nutritional values.

  • Escape from your handheld.

  • Packaging.

  • Agricultural contracts management.



  • Management ingredients and quantities required to produce a semi-finished or finished product.
  • Ability to manage the productive areas of the article.
  • Ability to set fee to associate with this recipe.
  • Managing multiple levels of semis.

Production and intake

  • Association of semifinished or finished product to lots of raw materials used.
  • The item’s inventory product load and unloading of raw materials.
  • Management Silos.
  • Single item, carton and pallet labelling.
  • Unloading raw materials: fIfO, fEfO, reading with handheld barcode related merchandise taken.
  • Simulation of production.

Production Planning

  • Analyzing customer commitments and minimum stock to submit articles and quantities to be produced.
  • Check presence of stock raw materials needed for production.
  • Launch production plan with scheduled dates and production areas definition production.
  • Commitment to stock raw material batches.


  • Isolating management article (e.g. cutting of poultry).
  • Classification management articles (e.g. classification of fruit and vegetables).
  • Label printing.
  • Inbound batch processing warehouse unloading/loading outbound batch classification and stock.

Quality and nutritional values

  • Detectable data list customizable by the operator.
  • Collection of information per item/lot with memorization examination, phase and reading.
  • Managing nutritional values involving a certain weight and/or a ration.

Catch weight packaging

  • Creating revenue/sales through handheld WI-fI with supplier/customer designation.
  • Delivery via handheld wireless customer engagements and suppliers orders.
  • Controls in real time on the correspondence between the ordered and delivered.
  • EAN 128 barcode reading Indicod standards.
  • Import the data read in the document with your handheld.

Sale, purchase and order processing with PDA

  • Delivery customer engagements remotely connected to printer.
  • Catch weight scales and labeling of each piece.
  • Cartons/pallet management and label printing.
  • EAN 128 barcode reading Indicod standards.
  • Import into your document orders processed through workstation.


  • Slaughter.

  • Purchase fresh meat.

  • Vacuum packing and packaging.

  • Prepared and homogeneous batches.

  • Sale.

  • Escape with your handheld.



  • Load on stock heads being slaughtered.
  • Managing manufacturing and labelling cuts obtained from slaughter.
  • Mandatory traceability data management and additional information.
  • Creating file to send to the national database.

Purchase fresh meat

  • Warehouse loading purchased goods (goods slaughtered by others).
  • Mandatory traceability data management and additional information.
  • Import tracking data from text files.
  • Print entry labels.

Vacuum packaging

  • Management of processes.
  • Weighing and labelling cuts vacuum.
  • Management and labelling cartons and pallets.

Prepared and homogeneous lots

  • Managing batches containing cuts from different animals.
  • Management of homogeneous lots (composed of raw materials with the same tracking information required).
  •  Batch label printing.


  • Unloading of goods sold divided by customer/destination.
  • Print sales slips.
  • Import sales data in document issued.

Escape with your handheld

  • Customer order fulfillment.
  • Reading identification codes of the goods on delivery.
  • Controls in real time on the correspondence between the ordered and delivered.
  • Import in document issued data read.
  • Print sales slips.


  • Sales and purchases.

  • Diary of the vineyards.

  • Cost Management Culture.

  • Advanced Management.

  • Manpower drain.

  • Planning and production.

  • Classification plant Passport.

  • Warehouse management from handheld.



Sales and Purchases

  • Fruit packaging indicating input and output (2 different types for each document line).
  • Scrap quantity after sampling, imputation percentages detected and its automatic unloading stock.

Diary of the vineyards

  • Specific information requests by the press diary campaign during unloading of consumption of products used in agricultural crops.
  • Cultivation plan for plot, culture and variety.
  • Press diary campaign for culture and for the product.

Cost Management Culture

  • Imputation costs both for culture and for the plot.
  • Survey costs for commercial products, distinguishing both when purchasing/warehousing, both for use on crops and fields.
  • Detecting hours labour and machine hours, imputation to the culture and to its plot.

Advanced labor drain management with touch screen monitor

  • Masks for touch monitor with quick arm and steered labor hours.
  • Labor hours per worker or discharge for team of workers with the respect of individual hourly rates.
  • Guided choices that help data entry.



  • Lot Association product lots used raw materials.
  • Article warehouse load and unload raw product.
  • Labelling plants.
  • Plant passport number assignment Lottery product.

Classification and Plant Passport

  • Unloading to warehouse receipt batch, classification and loading outbound item lots in stock.
  • Label printing.
  • Passport number assignment to lots classified plants.

Prints certifications

  • Added to each batch of plants to be certified with information related to soil.
  • Print certifications for Virus Free, seal of approval, CAC.

Escape with your handheld

  • Delivery customer engagements with wireless handheld.
  • Reading bar codes identifying the batch plants.
  • Import the data read in the document with your handheld.

Traceability vegan products

Track food traceability software is also the ideal solution for the certification of vegan foodstuffs, as it guarantees the traceability of both the production batch and the main ingredients so as to exclude the presence of components of animal origin.